Monday, August 6, 2007

Lindsay's Wedding

I've been meaning to put this on here but I just haven't had time. So I'm putting it on now even though it was awhile ago. One of my best friends Lindsay got married June 20th to Jeff Snow who is also a great friend. The day went perfect! We attended a dinner held the night before at Millcreek Inn, which I had to speak at and was so nervous for, but everything went smoothly. Lindsay looked beautiful the day of the wedding of course and so did the whole wedding party. She had a huge wedding party full of friends and family. The reception was a blast! They had great food and lots of fun dancing!


AlliSMiles said...

Meg! It's been so long. I found your blog on Elise's. How are you? What are you up to? Your new home is beautiful...can't wait till we can one day be settled, too. It's fun to catch up on old friends...gotta love blogging. You can check out ours: the

Alli (Shiozawa) Miles

Elise said...

How fun! That is so cool all of you are still so close. It looks like most of you found that special someone! Are any of them pregnant? I enjoyed all of the great pictures. Everyone looks beautiful.

Luke and Ali Stewart said...

Megs~ Those pictures are so fun to see. It is so fun that you guys are all so close still!

Wellings said...

Hey! To asnswer some of your questions; We have been living in Irvine, Ca for a little over a year, for Matt's job and are loving it! I try to stay in contact with some of the girls from High School, but it is hard. I talk to Hailey and Whitney the most, but even that isn't very often. That is awesome Sabrina had a baby and Brooke is expecting in Feb. We are expecting our 2nd in early Jan. and find out the gender on Tues. Yeah!
Keep in Touch!

Brando & Annie said...

Megan.... I see we have not made it to your friends list... just kidding! Me, you and Sarah need to get together to figure out how to make our blogs cute! I also need to get you some pictures from my wedding. Well I will see you at dinner tonight!