Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Our New Home!

In May Nate and I were successful in moving into our first home! We lived with Nate's family while it was being built which was a blast, but we are excited to be on our own again. Our home and neighborhood is so much fun, we love it! We're still getting settled but we are having fun doing it. We can't wait for more of the community to be developed, such as the pool! But in the meantime we're enjoying the lake and trails. Daybreak is a fun new community with lots of new ideas. Here is a slide show I put together of some pictures of inside our house. This is for all of my family members out of state who want to see my house but are too cheap to come see it in person! ;) Ha Ha just kidding. But there is an empty bed waiting for guests, so come visit!!! Love you all and hope you get a feel of what our house is like.

Welcome to our house!


*(Is it a rock? Is it a fish?- check it out!)*

After going on a great cruise with just the two of us we were fortunate to be taken to Hawaii with Nate's family. We went for Bobbie's 50th birthday in April (Nate's mom). It was so much fun! We went snorkeling with turtles, laid out by the pool and beach, golfing, and went to a really cool aquarium. The weather was perfect and of course the trip went by way too fast. Maui is beautiful!!!

Our Cruise in the Carribean

So I graduated from the U of U in December!!! Yahoo, no more school! In celebration Nate and I took a week cruise in January to; Key West, Cozumel, Costa Maya, and Grand Cayman. It was so much fun. We walked around in Key West like dumb tourists. We shopped and explored in Cozumel. We laid by the beautiful ocean in Costa Maya. And the best place of all we went snorkeling and swam with stingrays in Grand Cayman at stingray city! It was so awesome. We recommend a cruise to anyone! The nights were fun and the boat was a blast. Nate and I were of course competitive each night in mini-golf and shuffle board. The dinners were delicious and shows spectacular. We love cruisin!!!

Some fun pics of our cruise!

The Newest Bloggers!!!

So I've never done my space or facebook or anything else but I've given in to blogging! I've been searching around different blogs and I've come across a ton of long lost friends! So I decided to create a blog for Nate and I to catch up and keep up with friends. Also for all my family out of town I figure this is a really cool idea to keep them up to date as well. So I hope you all enjoy our blog! I'll try to catch you up to date with us and keep it up!