Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oh sweet silly Tessa

Tessa has a little push cart that Natalie let her borrow and she seriously loves it! It has been her favorite toy for like 4 months now. A few months ago she became obsessed with carrying a Xbox control while pushing the cart! The control is pretty big with a long cord that makes it really difficult to push and carry at the same time. She always steps on the cord or drops the control, then has to stop and readjust until she can go again. For some reason Tessa is always determined to do it no matter what though. Sometimes she'll let me put the control in a little purse for her to walk with which makes it easier but usually she has to be the one to do it all on her own. I have no idea where she thought up this idea or why she's obsessed with the control, but she does not like to push the cart without it! I had to record this memory cause it just makes me laugh. Here are some pictures that might explain it better.

Tessa with her control

Getting ready...

And she's off!

Balloon Festival 2009

Every August our family goes to Trapper's Ridge with the Rogers family for the Eden balloon festival. This year we went to the art festival, the lighting and launching of the balloons, hung out, played lots of poker, and discovered oh so good snowballs (a dessert). Like usual we had a blast! We just love hanging out with everyone, the Rogers are so much fun. We can't wait for next year. Here are some pictures from our cold, but fun weekend.
The balloons

How awesome is this GIANT Energizer bunny!

These pictures are at the lighting of the balloons which is so cool because the light up all the hot air balloons in the dark and it's so pretty!

Tessa checking out the glow from the balloons

The girls

Me & Tessa, Abby, Chelsea, Megan, Annie & Addison

Brando & Addison, Alan & Oliver, Robb, Jeff, Nate & Tessa

Alan with the 3 little babies! They had so much fun playing together

Tessa all bundled up and ready to go home to bed

Nate and Robb on the scooter, they look like dumb and dumber

Feeding the horses