Wednesday, October 27, 2010

2 Years Old

I can not believe my baby girl is already 2 years old! Where has the time gone. She has developed into quite the little girl. She is full of personality from so silly to so sassy. She is still just a little peanut who we can't get enough of. She is going to be such a good big sister to her new little brother. She is very nurturing to her little babies at home. Always feeding them a bottle, wrapping them up and putting them to bed, singing to them, and even reading to them. She loves to play hide and seek and loves to be chased. She's a great eater and will try about anything. We've made some pretty good memories with her these past 2 years. Nate and I love her so much and can't imagine life without her!

Tessa at 2 years old

Weight: 21 lbs (still not on the chart)
Height: 30 in.
(My mom says to double this number & that's how tall she'll be, so it looks like she's going to be just like her mommy 5ft nothing, we'll see though)

Bobbie took these beautiful pictures in her yard

Tessa's 2nd Dora Birthday Party at Nana's

Even though we had celebrated Tessa's birthday in Nebraska we still had to celebrate it with the Whitney side of the family of course! So Nana put together this fabulous Dora party for Tessa and her cousins. She is obsessed and loves Dora right now, so she thought this was the best party ever! Unfortunately, as soon as we got to Nate's parents the flue hit me so I was shut away upstairs for the night but everyone else had a blast.

Tess's cheesy smile with her cute Dora cake

The cousins excited to open presents

Nice face Tess

Way too many presents for one little girl!!!

We should have called this a kitchen party because she got tons of stuff for her new kitchen

Tessa's 2nd Birthday in Nebraska

We love going to Nebraska to see my family each year. This year we had to do it before Tessa couldn't fly for free anymore and before our little guy came, so we went over Tessa's 2nd birthday. It was beautiful weather and so much fun. On her birthday we went to the Lincoln children's petting zoo with Grandma and Grandpa Olson. Then that night we went to my aunt Barb's house with my cousins to celebrate. It's so nice to see all of our relatives! I miss seeing my family so much and wish we all lived closer.

The Petting Zoo

Tessa loved this zoo because she got to pet some bugs, ride the train, and see lots of cute little animals.
Ready to start our day!
Thanks Grandma Sue and Grandpa for such a fun day

She thought these giant eggs were pretty cool

Paige, Tessa, and Sue on the train
We walked across the street to this beautiful garden that had flowers everywhere! It was so pretty.

She kept stopping to smell each flower

My sweet aunt Barb put together a little party at her house for us all to get together. We had pizza, cupcakes, and lots of presents. We wish Abby and Amanda could have made it, but it was still fun to see everyone.

Nate, Mitch, Janna, Kristin, Mike and Brent

Dave, Grandma, Tessa with Barb, Grandpa, and Lindsey

Blowing out her first 2 candles

Everyone was so thoughtful to get Tessa birthday presents.
Barb went a little out of control but that's why we love her!

Tessa with her Papa and Great Grandma

The cousins

The next night we had another celebration for Tessa's birthday at my dad's house.

Me, Nick, Paige Janna
Dad, Tessa, Mitch
Ready to take on her second cake

Getting a little help from Grandpa and Paige was needed
More presents! Tessa was loving it
Tess showing off her new Nebraska football apparel
I have to say this candy necklace was probably her favorite present of all!
She thought it was so cool.
Tessa thinks Nick is so funny and just loves him, but she definitely makes him keep his distance! I don't know what it is with her and guys...

On the plane ride home

Tessa had her last free plane ride. She definitely got use out of flying for free under 2 though.
I think she got about 5 round trips in

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Eden with Friends

We have been wanting to take some friends up to Eden with us for so long and we finally did it! We had 4 other couples from our neighborhood come up for a short little getaway. We had so much fun swimming, golfing, going on walks, eating, and just hanging out.

The girls at dinner
Keri with Mckaylee, Kylee, Kim, Sarah, and Me with Tessa

Tessa loves Mckaylee
This was too cute

The kidos playing in their pajamas

Out for a morning walk

One of the nights we were there was Kylee's birthday so we surprised her after dinner with the house decorated and had cake and ice cream

The pregos bumping bellies