Tuesday, October 19, 2010


This year we went to Florida with Nate's family for his cousin Whitney's wedding. We had so much fun spending time with family and soaking up the Florida sun!

All of us girls attended a bachelorette party and a bridal shower in honor of Whitney. For the bachelorette party we had dinner at a Mexican restaurant and played some fun games including pin the tail on the donkey! Lindsay put together a fabulous night of fun. Here we all are with our sombreros and Lindsay in her unforgettable outfit.

Annie, Whitney, Natalie, Teri, Bobbi
Megan, and Lindsay

The Wedding
The ceremony was so pretty! It was outside on the waterfront with such elegant details. Ella, Sophia, Tessa, and Addison were Whitney's flower girls. They did such a good job walking down the isle even though they forgot to throw any petals!

"Goodbye mom" and they're off...

They had the cutest baskets to carry

The girls loved smelling the beautiful flowers

It was SO HOT and humid we had to stay hydrated

The reception was amazing!!! It was so gorgeous and the food was delicious. It started with a sit down dinner, some great toasts were made, followed by some crazy dancing! Such a fun night!

The girls being welcomed into the reception with the wedding party

Nate and Tessa at the dinner table staying entertained with coloring

Parker and I tearing it up on the dance floor

The boys
Conrad, Nate, Bob, and Parker

The girls had so much fun dancing the night away. They were too cute!

Oh boy Meg, Congo line!

The beautiful bride

The Zoo

We decided to go to the zoo to give the kids something fun to do. Us adults ended up having just as much fun as the kids! This zoo was so awesome! We didn't realize just how big it was until we got kicked out because it was closed and we still hadn't seen all the animals. It felt like the animals were out in the wild with so much natural vegetation and land to roam. The zoo even had a mini water park for the kids. It was suppose to be a rainy day but ended up being a way hot humid day. I wanted to run through the water!

Tessa and Sophia on the train ride
Ryan, Natalie, and Ella

Ella and Sophia had this fun double stroller and of course Tessa couldn't be left out so she found a spot for her too.

We would have brought swimming suits for them to wear if we would have knows there was a water park. Instead we let the little ones go in swim diapers and bought some zoo T-shirts for the older girls. The didn't mind, they had so much fun

This picture looks like the gorilla is looking right at us because he is! A lady told me I better watch out because I was wearing a red shirt and he had seemed to be reacting to people wearing red. Knowing me I start mocking him and before I know it he jumps up and smacks the glass at me! I screamed like a little girl and jumped a mile high (so did everyone else). It was crazy to get such a reaction right at me.

Tessa woke up from her nap just in time to see the giraffes

The Beach
It wouldn't be right to go to Florida and not spend days at the beach. We went multiple days to Mark and Teri's club for their great pool and fabulous beach! The girls had so much fun running in the water and playing in the sand. It was perfect beach weather. Tessa wants to go to the beach everyday now. I wish we had one closer!

Tessa was ready to go with her sunglasses on

Silly Dad
Loving the pool

Our little diva... strike a pose

All of the girls have so much fun together but these two are too cute together! Tessa just loves doing whatever Sophia does. They would chase each other through the water screaming of laughter.

Jumping the waves

Playing in the sand

I just love this little girl! Addison is so stinkin cute

Of course we had to go over to the beach in the evening and have a photo shoot with Bobbie!

Walking on the beach... so pretty and relaxing

Tessa playing on the beach

I love this picture of Tessa and Sophia
The "4 Little Darlings"

Hanging out at Teri's

We spent a lot of time hanging out at Teri's house. Swimming in her pool, playing in the yard, and just hanging out. We all LOVE Teri's house... it's the best!!!

Tessa and Addison in their tubes

The girls loved swimming in the little fountain that went into the pool

Uncle Nate showing Addison a good time on the boogie board

Tessa was so into coloring this trip. She would sit for hours coloring, I loved it

Movie time

Playing in the yard

The girls also loved the sombreros, I think they may have looked cuter in them than we did.

While we were there Nate and I celebrated our 5 year anniversay! We had a great date night at a yummy Mexican restaurant. I cannot believe it has already been 5 years. I couldn't be luckier to have such an amazing husband and marraige. We have accomplished so much in such a short time. We are so excited to be adding our newest addition to our family this year. I love you babe!

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