Sunday, October 24, 2010

Summer Fun

Well this summer we stayed very busy with lots of different activities. We spent most days going on walks, bike rides, playing with friends, at the park, or at the pool in our neighborhood. I didn't have a car practically the whole summer so I was grateful there was so much to do so close to our home. My bike and Tessa's trailer were our main source of transportation. Although we may have not captured pictures of everything we did, here are bits and pieces of our summer.

Megan & Robb's Wedding
Megan Rogers got married this summer and her wedding was a blast. We always love spending time with their family. Tessa had so much fun dancing the night away...

She thought she was pretty cool dancing with the big girls

Trappers Ridge

We spent many fun weekends up in Eden at Nate's parents 2nd home. It is so beautiful up there, I just love it!
Tessa coloring at the house

Beautiful field of flowers

Nate and Tessa's favorite thing to do together. They spent many evenings over at the golf course putting around.

A New Favorite Food

Tessa discovered eating corn on the cob this summer and is obsessed! She devours every single kernel on the cob and them some, it's so funny.

Movie Night

Tessa loves to watch cartoons at home but she had never watched "a big kid movie" before so we decided to have movie night to see if she would like it. She went with Dad to the video store and picked out Toy Story. We all got in our pj's, made some popcorn (another favorite food), and cuddled up on the couch together. She almost lasted the whole movie but lost interest towards the end. She thought "movie night" was so fun though and asks for it all the time.


Tessa loves to swim! She can hold her breath and go completely under all by herself. She loves to lay on her belly while kicking her legs and moving her arms. I can't wait to put her in swim lessons, I think she'll be a great swimmer like her Great Grandpa and her GG. Here we are on one of our many days spent at the Daybreak pool.

Miniature Golfing

Since Tessa loves to go to the golf course with Nate, we decided to try out miniature golf at Mulligans. She had so much fun finally using a putter that was just her size! Nate tried to teach her the proper technique but she had her own approach on how to hit the ball. It worked though, she always made it in the hole!

Lining up the ball...

Trying to get the ball to balance on the mat was the hardest part for her

This was Tessa's technique, standing behind the club

Reading Time
Another activity we try to do each day is read books. Tessa could read books for hours!

Grandpa reading to Tessa

Reading with Nana

Giving Nana loves while reading

24th of July
This 24th of July we went to Nate's parents for a BBQ and fireworks with Sophia and Ella. Sophia accidentally leaked the secret to me that Natalie was pregnant! It was so funny to watch Ella try to cover it up, but it was too late, the secret was out and we were thrilled! It's going to be so fun to have our babies so close in age.

Getting ready for fireworks in the front yard

Oh how the little girls love to steal sips of diet coke from Nana

The Zoo
We had a zoo pass this year so we were able to go see the animals as much as we wanted.

On the train ride

Kylee and Nixon

Mckaylee and Tessa
Stockton, Mckaylee, and Tessa playing with the giant water ball at the zoo...
what kid doesn't love playing with this thing!

Tessa got to have her first pony ride and loved it! Although the horse she got put on I wouldn't exactly call it a "pony" ride... her horse was the biggest one. I thought for sure she was going to freak out, but she luckily didn't, she did great!

Daybreak BBQ
Our good friends Kim and Blair had a bunch of our friends from our neighborhood over for an end of the summer BBQ. I love hanging out with friends late on warm summer nights!

Tessa hanging out with the boys
Nixon and Trey

Me and Tess

Me, Kim, and Melinda

My bestie Sarah

The girls

The boys

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Natalie said...

Cute pics Meg, I haven't ever seen those 24th of July ones of the girls! What a funny night! I hope you're feeling okay - I can't believe baby boy will be here so soon!