Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Tessa!!!

It is so crazy that our little Tessa is already one! She had her first birthday on September 7th 2009. This first year of her life has been so amazing and made our lives so much better too. She is so full of personality and so much fun to be around. She has taken a few steps on her own but not walking yet. She loves to stand up on her own, gibber-gabber, and play peek a boo. She loves to watch Signing Time and is so good at signing everything! Her favorite book is Pat the Bunny and favorite food is Pizza. Here is her height and weight at one year: Height 27.5 inches making her in the 10th percentile, Weight 15 lbs 7 oz still not on the charts!
Tessa had a fabulous birthday party! A big thank you to my mom and Bobbie for all your help! The day was extra special for Tessa, and for me. It was so much fun to have all our friends and family together to celebrate. Here are a bunch of pictures from the big day!

The decorations...

Her special little cupcake

I printed a bunch of pictures from her first year and stuck them in jars of candy all over the place. It turned out really cute. It was fun to see how she's grown over the year!

I made these cute mini tissue balls and hung them all around the patio

This big bunch of balloons was Tessa's favorite thing!
I thought they might take her up up in the air!

Cute little Addison at the party

Present time!

She seriously loved this little singing microphone!
She actually picked it out at Walmart from the cart

She was so entertained with this bucket of ice with the drinks!

Trying to walk

Tessa and GG

Cake time...

I blew out the candle just in time before she grabbed the flame...
It was a close one!

She was very dainty eating her cake

Family photo

After the big party on her actual birthday we had another small celebration with her cousins Ella and Sophia who couldn't be there. Her aunt Teri gave her this unbelievably beautiful knife when she was born with her birth date engraved to cut her first birthday cake with. Then she will use this same knife as her wedding cake knife when she gets married and can engrave her wedding date on the other side. It's so special and thoughtful! Thanks Teri!

Daddy and Tessa getting ready to make the cut

All the cousins watching in anticipation

Cleaning up with a bath in the sink after all the fun

Friday, May 7, 2010

Tessa's First Birthday Photo Shoot

Tessa was so lucky to have her Nana Bobbie take such great 1 year pictures of her! She had a few different photo shoots of course, and she had a blast eating cupcakes doing them. We are so lucky to have her to take these cute pictures. Here are some of my favorite pictures and her first birthday invitation!

In the studio eating a cupcake and the candle!

We went over to Bobbie's neighbors house and got these amazing pictures in her yard and on her cute front porch.


I love this face!

Playing in the yard after a long day of being a cute little model.

So proud she stood up on her own! Still a little shaky!

She loves her dogs!