Sunday, April 13, 2008


For those of you who know me, you know I've been obsessed with the show Deal or No Deal. I've always said I was going to audition for the show cause I think I could win some major money. Well a little over a year ago I filled out all the papers to try out but I never made a video to send, so the papers have just been sitting in my room. I found out this past week that I could have my chance at last at an RC Willey audition on Saturday. I got all pumped up and determined to get on the show. Unfortunately it didn't go as I planned...
My sister-in-law (Annie) and my mother-in-law agreed to go stand in line with me to show their support and give me some company. I expected a lot of people to be there but it blew my mind once we got there with how many people were actually there! We waited outside, then we waited inside, we took steps, we sat on our stools then after waiting from 10 a.m to 4:45 p.m we finally reached the front of the line. We waited for almost 7 HOURS! I still can't believe I was there that long. There were many times I was about to give up but Annie helped me press on. In the hours of waiting I convinced Annie to try out with me since she was there anyway and we also convinced our friend Sara Liddell to come butt in line with us and try out too. Sara joined us for our last hour of waiting. It was nice to have some new fresh energy to feed off of cause I was looking pretty dead by this time. So the anticipation was killing us as we got closer and closer. Our nerves were running high and we felt the pressure! Once the guy said "You're up" to us this is what happened...
Ten people (including me, Annie, and Sara) went running up to a table where a guy was standing on the other side. We had filled out a paper earlier and set it down in front of us and remained standing all 10 together facing the guy. He told us we had 20 seconds each to tell him about ourselves. He pointed to the first person and said "go"! Each person went down the line talking as fast as they could trying to be enthusiastic, fun, and memorable. I really thought us three didn't do too bad, besides the fact that while each person was talking the guy that was supposed to be listening was looking all over and not at us. He looked like could care less about what we had to say and wasn't even really listening! It made us so mad! It all happened so fast and it was over just like that. He told all of us to go out the exit and asked one old dirty guy in our group to stay for the next round. We hung our heads and went out the exit. :(
I really can't believe I stood in line that long for those lame 20 seconds. I also can't believe none of us even made it passed the first round! But I guess I can say at least I tried now. I guess I'm not the girl for the show after all. It was an experience I'll never forget. Oh and I'm so bitter that I'm boycotting the show and not supporting it anymore (or at least for awhile)!

This was our sad pathetic faces after not making it! I wish I had a picture of crowd of people waiting but my camera died.