Sunday, August 23, 2009

Oquirrh Mountain Temple

Today was the Oquirrh Mountain temple dedication. It was extra special to me and Nate because it's only a few blocks away from our house. We have watched this temple being built from the beginning and now it's so neat to see it complete. We are blessed to have so many temples around the Salt Lake valley but I would have never guessed I'd live this close to one. We are so excited to be able to walk to it and see it everyday to remind us of its importance. Here are a few pictures we took with Nate's family after we went through the open house. It is absolutely beautiful inside! I can't wait to go in again!

Tessa went through her first temple on July 21st 2009

Thursday, August 13, 2009

4th of July weekend!

We went up to Eden for the 4th of July to stay with Nate's family at their second home. We had so much fun! We went on walks, to the pool, golfed, and just relaxed. We had the most fun though on Saturday at the local 4th of July festival. We watched kids do mutton busting, try to catch a greased pig, and saw a parade. Parker and his friends did the hot dog eating contest and tried to catch fish with their hands in a pond. It was so entertaining! Annie and I took a ride with the girls in this caterpillar train that was pulled by a lawnmower! I love going to all the activities up there. Maybe next year I'll try the greased poll or something! ha ha Tessa had so much fun playing with her cousins all weekend. She just loves them so much and loves to be around them. Can't wait for next year!

Family picture on the 4th

I love Nate's face in this, he looks like a monkey!

Tessa loves her Nana

Cute pictures of Addison and Tessa in their adorable 4th of July outfits! Ashlee was so kind to make them for us. She is so talented, they turned out so cute. Thanks Ash!

This is the caterpillar train, yahoo!

Watching the games and looking at all the animals

All tuckered out

Addison and Tessa in their cute twiner outfits

Mommy and Tessa

Learning to walk

Sweetest little face after a morning walk

Tessa with her Daddy the golfer!