Tuesday, March 18, 2008


My prediction was right after all IT'S A GIRL!!!!! We are seriously so excited! Nate and I ran to the mall with our moms right after to get some cute girlie outfits. We all thought it was a girl for some reason so it wasn't a huge surprise but it was still so fun to see for sure. It was so incredible to see her little body and to see her moving so much. She's definitely an active one! She gave us some great pictures though. From her profile shot we can already tell she has Nate's cute little nose! It's just so crazy. She looks very healthy and strong, which makes us very happy! The doctor said I'd be able to feel her move pretty soon and I can't wait for that to happen!!!
For all of you who have been asking how I'm doing... I've been so great! Really, these past 4 months have been a breeze. I'm very lucky that I haven't gotten too sick. I use to get really tired but I'm past that now and feeling better each day. My belly is growing little by little but I'm still just waiting for it to pop!
I'm so excited to start shopping and to start doing my nursery! If any of you have any cute ideas for a little girls nursery let me know. I want to do something fun.

Here are a few pictures of our little girl!

I thought this was pretty cool of her whole spine

It's so comforting to see all 5 little fingers!

If any of you know what Nate's nose looks like, you can really tell in this picture that she has it!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Boy or Girl???

So recently my mind has been racing about the idea if we're having a boy or girl! So I may be stupid and crazy but I've done about every urban legend test there is to predict what I'm having. Here are the results:

Chinese Lunar Calendar: Girl
Heartbeat: Girl (hey this one the doctor told me!)
Dangling a pin above my wrist: Girl
Dangling my wedding ring above my tummy: Girl
Last but not least my favorite...

The Drano and pee test: Boy (maybe girl)

This one is hard because most say green means boy but some say it means girl. Even though the result of this test wasn't very clear it was by far the most fun to do! Sara joined me in performing the test. We couldn't stop laughing it looked like a science experiment. Sara's went crazy bubbling over the top and turning immediately black! (which means a boy) As you can see in the picture below mine wasn't as dark it was more of a green color. But it was fun to see the different reactions. By the way if anyone is worried about us smelling the toxic fumes, since every site says not to perform this test while pregnant, don't worry we had Bobbie (the conductor of the experiment) put in the Drano and we stayed a good distance back. But if anyone ever does want to do this test I would recommend plugging your nose, it STINKS!

So the question is... Could all the tests be true? Could I be having a girl? Unfortunately I don't have any motherly instinct whether it's a boy or girl, heck I can barely tell I have anything in there at all let alone the sex of it! Has anyone else performed any of these test and they've been true? What's your prediction? I'd have to say girl for me based on the tests! The question will be answered next week, when I go to fetal photos and get a LEGITIMATE test done to confirm the sex!

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Nate and I went to Cabo for a week with my brother Mitch and his girlfriend Janna. It was so nice to get away from the cold snow and into the warm sun!!! I can't wait for summer, I really am so done with the cold. It was a very relaxing weekend! We didn't too too much, just relaxed by the beach and pool which was just what I needed. We went out on a catamaran one day and cruised by lovers beach and the famous arch. It was SO pretty! We also saw some whales and seals. I really wanted to swim with dolphins but they would attack my belly because they can sense the baby! Crazy huh? So that idea was out. We had a great time though. I was sad to get back to work and our regular daily lives. Who knows when our next getaway like that will be with a baby on the way!