Monday, August 13, 2007

Eden with Friends!

Okay, so a couple of weekends ago Brooke and Jake were so kind to have us all up to their home in Eden. (For those of you who don't know it's a small town by Pineview Res.) It was such a blast! We all met up there on Friday night and stayed up late roasting marshmellows, talking, messing around, and playing Zip Bong! Nate killed us all at the game cause his face is so hilarious when he plays (check out the pic). The next day we hit the lake and went wakeboarding, skiing, and my personal favorite kneeboarding! The boys played around on the golf course while us girls went walking and relaxed. We all had such a great time being together and catching up!
(Well I must hurry and publish this post because the Hills premier is about to begin!!! Yahoo! Hopefully it's a good one!)


Mark, Megan, & Wellsley said...

Okay, I am a total closet-Hills-addict-watcher. It's so embarrassing! I also like Newport Harbor-that one is just like Laguna Beach a few years ago. I make Mark watch it with me so I feel less guilty about it!

Natalie said...

Okay's been a month now! Let's get on the ball here! j/k Thanks again for watching the girls the other guys were so sweet to do that!

Sara & Chris said...

Megan throw up a post! I miss you! Can we hang out soon, please?