Monday, November 8, 2010

October Activities

October was filled with so much fun! We stayed busy with all the Halloween and fall activities. Tessa learned about Halloween from a Dora video and became very excited for the holiday. Of course Dora dressed up as a cat for Halloween in the video so all Tessa could talk about the whole month was being a black cat like Dora and going trick or treating. How could I say no to such an easy costume!

Bobbie took the cousins over to this field in their costumes to take some cute pictures of them. They turned out so good!

Ella, Tessa, Sophia, and Addison

Playing and dancing in the field

Every year Annie and I host a Halloween party at her parents with our friends. This was our 5th year doing it! This year we had dinner and after Annie and I put together a Minute to Win it contest (basically funny, stupid games that you try to complete under a minute). It was very entertaining and so much fun!

The whole group

Nate went as the milkman and I was the knocked up housewife this year.
Trying to find a costume at 9 months pregnant is not so easy!

Here are some of the other couples
The Situation & Snookie, Popeye & Olive Oyl, Buttercup & Wesley, and Ninja & Geisha
My HS girlfriendsAnnie's girlfriends

Here are some funny pictures of us playing the games...
trying to get pennies out of tights, getting penne noodles on a spaghetti noodle,
putting together a puzzle, eating an Oreo on your face, dropping a tic tac through a racquet,
and hitting an orange into a hoop with a banana hanging from your waist

This year Tessa got to make a few trips to the pumpkin patch. Here are some pictures from our visit with just the 3 of us. Of course it was freezing cold the day we decided to go when the whole month had been beautiful!

Off to find the right pumpkin to carve

We found it!

Tessa was giving us the fake smile for the pictures of course

Time for pumpkin carving! Nate is definitely the artist in the family and always has a good idea on how to carve a pumpkin. This year he took Tessa's interests into account and decided to make a Dora pumpkin! Tessa was thrilled with the idea.

Before we got started Tessa received a package in the mail from Mark and Teri and couldn't wait to see what was inside...

They sent the most delicious popcorn in the world! Wow it was good! We all chowed down while we carved the pumpkin.

Cleaning out the pumpkin. I don't think Tessa could decide if she liked the feeling or thought it was disgusting.

The finished product, doesn't it look great! I don't know who was more excited, Tessa or Nate! He was pretty proud of his Dora.

Halloween night we went over to the Franco's with some Daybreak friends for homemade pizza and treats. It was so fun to have the kids together and eat yummy food before heading out trick or treating.

Here is Tessa with her cute friend Liz

Ready to hit up her first house

Tessa was not afraid at all to go knock on the doors. She thought this was the greatest night in the world! Knock on a door, say trick or treat, and get free candy! What more could a kid ask for.

We eventually made it back home, but I think Tessa could have stayed out for hours. Too bad it was so cold and rainy this year.

What to do with all the candy now...