Thursday, November 4, 2010


I was so lucky to have the opportunity to go on a trip of a lifetime with my friends this September. Priscila was going to visit her dad in DC and then to Boston to visit our friend Kristin. I had never been back east so I thought what a perfect opportunity to go. We decided to make a stop in New York on our way to Boston since I had never been there before. I was a little nervous about leaving Tessa and Nate for a week, but I decided I needed to do it for myself before the baby comes. (Then I really won't be able to take off for a week). Before we knew it we had Sarah, Lindsay and Brooke all wanting to come too. Priscila , Sarah, and I went to DC first then metLindsay and Brooke in New York and then saw Kristin in Boston. It was seriously such a blast! I can't imagine a trip that could be any more fun. It was so fun to spend so much time with such good friends too. It was definitely a trip I'll never forget! The only challenge was being 33 weeks pregnant and doing all that walking! Luckily I had 2 other pregnant girls, Lindsay and Priscila, to share my pain with.

The trip started off with our plane being delayed 3 1/2 hours! That made us get into DC at 2am which was not fun! So the next day we slept in a little and then headed to the city.

We decided to do a bus tour on our first day since we got a late start and wanted to see as much as possible.

Our first stop was the American History Museum .

The original Rafiki costume and the real ruby slippers!

Julia Child's Kitchen
First Ladies inaugural gowns, so cool.

National Archives
Can you find us?!

Ford's Theater was one of my favorites, it was so interesting to think we were standing where Lincoln was shot.
Beautiful Washington Cathedral
Georgetown was sooo cute!
Arlington National Cemetery was incredible. I still can't get over how many rows of headstones there are and how they just go on forever!
The changing of the guards at sunset
End of day one!

We stayed at Priscila's dad's house in Virgina, about 45 minutes away from DC. I LOVED their house and the area that they live in, so old and charming. Pedro restored this old car.
Pedro's parking job in DC! The drivers back east are nuts! He wasn't about to pass up a front row spot just because it looked too small!
Washington Monument

World War II Memorial

I thought walking up all these stairs just might put me in labor!

Lincoln Memorial

Priscila and cute Pedro, I am so glad that he came around with us for a day even though it was 100 degrees and he was in pants and a long sleeve shirt! He was such a fun and hilarious tour guide!
The Whitehouse!

Air and Space Museum

The AMAZING Library of Congress, it was so incredible and one of my favorites!

The US Capitol Building
We took the Bolt Bus late that night for NYC! Such an adventure!

I LOVED every second of DC and would go back there in a heart beat, there is so much to do and see. We saw a ton in 2 days and but there is so much more! I am so glad that Pedro and Ann let us invade their house for a few days!

On to NYC...

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John and Blakes said...

DC is seriously the best!!!!! All of your pictures made me miss it so much. John and I lived there this summer, it is truly incredible. Looks like you had a blast!!! so jealous!!