Monday, November 8, 2010

Baby Boy Showers

One of the benefits of a having a baby of the opposite sex for your second child is I guess you get more baby showers! My cute friends put together a little get together at Danielle's in honor of our upcoming baby boy. Danielle made the most delicious food ever! We all wanted to stay and eat it for dinner too. I got a variety of things such as blankets, clothes, a hooter hider, and so much more. Thanks for taking the time to come celebrate friends!

Sarah, Annie, Danielle, Me, Priscila, and Brooke

Getting ready to open some goods

Cutest shoes ever! Little teeny tiny pumas

A couple weeks later my Daybreak friends had a shower for me as well. We went to lunch at San Gelato Cafe, a cute little place in our neighborhood, to celebrate. My friends were a little weary of having a shower at 39 weeks, but I knew my little guy would still be baking in my tummy. We had so much fun chatting it up and eating some good food. This little guy is going to be stylish in all the cute clothes I got from everyone.

Melinda, Kim, Mallory, Sarah, Keri, Abby, Me, Tibett, Kylee, Laci

There's just something about little boys shoes that are so cute and fun!
Probably because it's their only accessory.

Cute homemade bibs

We had to finish off with some yummy gelato ice cream

Me and my bestie Sar


keri and taylor said...

Yay for baby boy Whitney and all the celebrations. Can't wait for him to come! xoxo

Jeff and Mallory said...

It was fun Meg! Can't wait to meet him!

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