Tuesday, November 9, 2010

39 weeks and counting...

Well our little guy is finally due to be here any day now. We are so excited to have a new baby added to our family. We are especially excited to be having a baby boy! Although he still doesn't have a name, it's between Chase, Lucas, and Miles. Nate and I just feel like we need to see his little face to decide. Tessa calls him Conrad most of the time (a name we talked about in the beginning) , and she can't stop talking about becoming a big sister. The other day she told me that we have to take turns changing his diapers! I wish that was true! She is constantly saying how she's going to teach him to walk, paint his finger nails, and dress him up in her princess dress. Sounds like this little boy is going to be well rounded... ha ha ha. Nate tried to explain to her that boys don't do that sort of stuff, but I said we still could when he gets bigger. I can't wait to see Tessa interact with him. I'm sure it'll be a bigger adjustment than she's expecting. She is definitely a mama's girl and requires a lot of attention. I just hope I can manage being a good mom to both of them.
This pregnancy has been very different than my first one with Tess. In the beginning I was just nauseous all day instead of throwing up in the morning and then feeling fine the rest of the day. I also got a really bad pregnancy mask with Tessa but not this time, thank goodness! It still hasn't completely gone away from my first pregnancy. I luckily haven't had any charlie horses in my calves either, they are the worst. The one thing that has been harder for me this pregnancy is being pregnant while taking care of a two year old instead of sitting at a desk. My back, hips, and legs all ache in pain a lot more from chasing and carrying Tessa around. Although I can't complain much, I know I have pretty good pregnancies compared to a lot of people. I overall feel really good still, but itching to have him here!
Bobbie took these pictures of me the other day in Eden at 39 weeks. I probably should have taken them a little sooner, but I still love them. We were hoping to get some with Tessa too but she was being a little stinker! Thank you so much Bobbie for the beautiful pictures to help me remember this pregnancy, you are amazing!


The Wright Crew said...

Such cute pics.. Good luck and hopefully he decides to come soon :)

melissa said...

you look absolutely gorgeous!! congrats on the little boy, so exciting!

Kristin Morgan said...

LOVE the pictures!

Shana Smith said...

I love these pictures, and absolutely love your hair dark! I am so excited for you guys to have another little one, its strange going from 1 to 2 kiddos, but its amzing! Good luck with the delivery I hope it all goes smoothly for you guys, thats the BEST part of it all!

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