Saturday, September 6, 2008


Baby Update!
Well, most of you probably already know the status of Tessa but for those of you who don't I'll fill you in. I was happy not to have her early but now it's starting to wear on me. I'm just ready for her to be here. I'm still at 0 dilation but I've been told that doesn't mean much. I'm going to the doctor Monday morning and if I'm still 0 then they're giving me a pill Monday night and inducing me. If I'm dilated at all then I'll go in Tuesday morning and they'll induce me then. So either way hopefully she'll be here by Tuesday night! I'm really excited but I'm still crossing my fingers that she'll come on her own before then. I have been having a lot stronger contractions since yesterday but it probably doesn't mean anything. I just hope she's ready to come Tuesday cause I'm sure ready for her! She'll be coming whether she likes it or not I guess. Going overdue is not fun. Next time I'm going to tell myself the due date is one week later than it really is. I'm feeling good though and hanging in there. I had my last day of work yesterday which was exciting. I'll make sure to post asap as soon as Tessa gets here! Stay tuned...

Priscila and Chad's wedding!
Yahoo, I made it to Priscila's wedding on the 29th 9 months pregnant and all! It was so beautiful and so much fun! I'm so happy for both of them. They're such a great couple and such great friends. The night was perfect in every way. I even somehow managed to get down on the dance floor, I mean way down! Unfortunately I was sore the next day though.
Here are some pictures from the big day! Congrats Chad and Pris!

Luckily we were able to go to some fun ball games before the baby gets here. A few weekends ago we went with Chad and Priscila to a Bees game which was really fun. Then last weekend we kicked off BYU's season at home. For Christmas I got Nate season tickets to the BYU games, but with the baby on the way I'll probably only make it to a few with him unfortunately. I was hoping hiking up to the top of the bleachers would put me in labor, but no luck of course. I had never been to the BYU stadium before, it was so pretty! Nate and I had a blast together, I can't wait to make it a family activity some day! I must admit I probably watched the cheerleaders more than the game though!
Pris and I at the Bees game

Nate lugging the big prego around
The awesome view of the field from our great high seats!

Nate and I at my first BYU game


Coleman Family said...

You are seriously the cutest pregnant girl! You and Sarah look so pretty in your friend's wedding too. I can't wait for Tessa to get here. You better let us know when she is. I'm bringing you dinner!

The Truman's said...

Hey cute Megan! I can't believe I found your blog, it is a small world :-). I am soooo excited for you to be a mommy! Good luck with Tessa! I was induced with my little girl, Payton, and had the same feelings as you. I was very anxious and nervous but somehow it all turns out okay! Best of luck and I can't wait to see pictures of her.
Lori Herrmann Truman

schaars said...

You look so cute prego seriously did you even gain any weight?

Eddie said...

It was awesome to see you there Megan right before Baby Tessa came along! Hard core BYU fan!