Sunday, August 24, 2008

Daybreak Shower!

Last Wednesday Tibett hosted a neighborhood baby shower for me and it was so much fun! I can't thank you enough Tibett and everyone that helped out! It has been so fun meeting so many cute new girls out in Daybreak. I'm very lucky to have them all around to entertain me when I'm not working anymore!!! (only a couple weeks left, and I can't wait!) Thanks for all the cute gifts and good advice.

Here's a 9 month picture of the growing belly
How cute is this fruit stroller that Sarah made for the shower!!!

The two pregos

This is us trying to guess whose baby picture is whose

Laurel, Whitney, Sarah, Stacey, Sunny, and Janell
Karen, Sarah, Kim, Keri, and Lacey
Me, Melanie, Tibett, and little Samantha


missy said...

you look so cute! i wish i were still that little!!!

Sunny said...

It was fun the other night. I'm excited for you. I hope we didn't scare you too much! Let us know when it happens!

keri and taylor said...

So cute! It was a fun shower. Good luck with the upcoming week(s)!!

Rogers Family Blog said...

Megs- you are such a cute prego girl! I can't believe you are almost there! It was so fun to be with you guys up at Trapper's. Thanks for the memories. And, tell Tibett i say "Hi". She is a cutie. Can't wait for you guys for Tessa to come into this world!

Chris & Breanne Coccimiglio said...

How fun! I bet you guys love it in Daybreak! You guys have so many fun people out there. You look so cute Girly!

schaars said...

Megs you look so so so CUTE prego. I am so excited for your little Tessa to come!

Sara & Chris said...

You are the prettiest pregnant women ever! You look awesome!

BrainandHeatherCole said...

Holy cow meg you look great! Two more days girl and your a mommy! I hope all goes well and I can't wait to see pictures the your baby!