Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Christmas was busy but great this year! We went to St.George before Christmas and spent time with my family and Tessa got to meet her great grandparents from Nebraska for the first time! It was very exciting. Then we were here in Salt Lake for the very white Christmas day. Here are some of our pictures from the holiday.

Tessa hanging out with Dad

She loves watching TV from her tummy now that she can roll over
great grandpa holding his first great grand baby

The four generations of Williams women

Christmas night at Bob and Bobbie's

Annie and Nate with their two sleeping angels who were worn out
All the Whitney cousins

I thought this picture was funny of Tessa looking spooked

Tessa in her new bumbo chair under our tree

Christmas was complete this year having Tessa here. We can't wait for next year when she'll actually be into presents instead of just the paper!


the hogan's said...

Tessa is so freaking cute! I just wanna squeeze her!!

Sara & Chris said...

She is too cute! I miss her I have not seen her in too long! We need a play date soon! I love the bumbo pics!